Game: Q * Bert
Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Year: 1982
Original Location played: Chuck E Cheese/Sacramento

This cabinet was given to me by Bill Kurtz (O-Town Amusements) without any boards or monitor chassis - I basically had a cabinet with sideart. Luckily I had a working boardset/sound board and a dead power supply board.

The control panel overlay came from Arcade Renovations. The sideart and front art was in perfect shape, so I had no reason to replace them.

This was given to me by Chris Walker (Atlanta) for delivering a game to him. Its the rare "Swear" marquee. This will be reproduced soon by Phoenix Arcade.

I purchased the Multi Qbert boardset from Arcadeshop and installed it within minutes. This allows you to play 3 games in one cabinet, the games included are: Q*bert, FHMC Q*bert and Q*bert's Qubes. It also has high score save!

What I did:
* Cleaned the game both inside and out.
* Had to totally rebuild the original power supply and replace every old piece of there.
* Find a monitor chassis and recap it.
* Install the Multi Kit.
* Remove the old overlay and install a new one.

Current Status:
Game is in my gameroom and works 100%.

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